The Business Career Guide • Future Outlook

Business Careers and Industry See Big Changes

Business careers cover a wide range of occupations. Some business and commerce jobs require you to manage people all day. Others require you to sit alone in front of a computer and input data. And with the explosion of the Internet and Web 2.0, how people do business has changed dramatically. One thing is certain: to compete in today’s business world you need to be able to wear many hats.

Diversification in the Business School and the Workplace

More and more, employers are looking to hire individuals who combine industry-specific expertise with business savvy. The growth of business degree programs with specializations in fields like health care, information technology, or hospitality are just a few examples of the specialized fields looking for business professionals.

While individuals with a solid business background can jump from industry to industry in fields like accounting or human resources, specializing a particular niche–particularly high-growth areas like health care or elder care–can make you a more competitive job applicant and allow you to develop your expertise.

Social Media Marketing Changes Business Landscape

The Web 2.0 explosion is changing how companies market and brand themselves. Social media was originally met with skepticism by some business professionals, but its popularity has grown as more marketing and branding professionals become aware that social media is here to stay. According to Information Week, 68 percent of social media users have become a friend or a fan with a company, service, product, or group. Business degree programs are evolving to include this ever-changing landscape, and professionals with experience and training in online marketing are finding themselves increasingly central to a company’s brand-recognition and promotion efforts.

Business Careers Change with the Economy

In combination of the economic fall out and following a decades-old trend, manufacturing and related fields industry-wide are fading. Everything from auto parts manufacturers to textiles to metalwork machinery manufacturers make up the bulk of all industries in the US that are shrinking.

But while traditional manufacturing jobs may be shrinking, jobs helping businesses reduce their carbon footprint and go green are on the rise. Everything from jobs in environmental industries to roles helping traditional corporations develop a more eco-friendly approach to doing business should see growth in coming years.

Selecting the right business degree program–whether at the graduate or undergraduate level–can help you stay abreast of trends in your field and make sure you have the education needed to succeed in the fast-paced world of business.

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